Gender Pay Gap information


Ecorys Salary Bands

The following information describes the proportion of men and women in each quarter of Ecorys' payroll:


61% men        Top quarter         39% women

30% men        Upper Middle      70% women

22% men        Lower Middle      78% women

27% men        Upper Middle      73% women


Ecorys’ employee base consists of 34% men and 66% women. At the lower three quartiles there is a higher percentage of women than men. However, the proportion of women in the top quartile is significantly lower than men, when compared with the other quartiles. Therefore, women are under-represented in the top quartile. This reason accounts for the gender difference between pay and bonus figures.

Explanation of the Figures: Pay

Women’s hourly rate is lower by: 30% (mean), 19% (median)
The data shows a discrepancy between men and women’s average and median hourly pay rate, in favour of men. Ecorys has conducted internal analysis across salary bands, which shows that average salaries for males and females are very similar, with a women’s average salary in most salary bands being slightly higher. The higher proportion of men in the top quartile determines the difference in average and median salaries between genders.

Explanation of the Figures: Bonus

Who received a bonus: 86% (men), 77% (women)
All employees receive a bonus and for new starters, this is paid after the probation period has been completed. At the snapshot date Ecorys had a higher proportion of women in their probation period and therefore a higher number of women received their bonus after the snapshot date.

Women’s bonus pay is lower by 52% (mean), 45% (median)
Ecorys’ bonus system is based on a percentage of salary and is applied equally across all employees. Higher salary bands attract a higher bonus percentage and therefore, the lower bonus pay figure for women is a reflection of the underrepresentation of women in the top quartile.

Action Plan for Next 12 Months

Ecorys is working to improve the gender balance in the top quartile through the following initiatives over the next 12 months:

  • Introducing competency behavioural interviewing techniques to ensure our process is free from unconscious bias.
  • Running a series of workshops with employees to identify any perceived barriers to promotion for women.
  • Engaging with the Works Council and the Board to discuss any issues that may affect the promotion of women
  • Analysing past promotions across all business units to determine any potential obstacles that could affect future promotions

Ecorys is also undertaking initiatives in the following areas, which are expected to
improve the gender balance in the top quartile:

  • Creating an HR strategy to bring conscious focus to our people initiatives.
  • Re-defining our recruitment process to bring a more structured and objective approach.
  • Improving career development through a structured guide and training plan to allow all employees to map their career path
  • Conducting talent review sessions with senior managers to identify suitable candidates and any potential obstacles for promotion
  • Developing flexible ways of working that better enable all employees to balance their work/life demands.
  • Improving the use of technology to enable increased flexible working, e.g. remote access to work, better video conferencing facilities, team collaboration software.
  • Sharing information with employees in a transparent and open way to promote discussion and engagement