SCBA as a tool for addressing health inequalities among vulnerable families

Get a better idea of what the benefits are of addressing health inequities among vulnerable families? Ecorys used a social cost benefit analysis (SCBA) to calculate three personas in which three different situations of families were outlined. In all personas, social material benefits are realized of more than €200,000 per household over ten years. The largest benefits are realized in the domains of work and income, well-being and health. The intangible benefits include a reduction in stress, increased self-confidence, a stronger informal network, and increased self-reliance.

Research objective.
Using the SCBA methodology, two situations are compared. The family situation without local, long-term customized help and the family situation where this help is given. In this way, the way in which the household situation changes thanks to tailor-made help is mapped out, as well as the social benefits in various domains.

It looks at social and intangible benefits. Material benefits include the social costs that are avoided for households as a result of using tailored help. Intangible benefits are the changes for the family that result from the help that cannot be expressed in monetary terms.

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30 June 2021

1 minute read

Key Experts

Annejet Kerckhaert

Principal Consultant