Operational System (OPSYS) training in Venezuela

OPSYS, the new IT ecosystem used by the European Commission services DG INTPA, DG NEAR and FPI, allows for more efficient, transparent and results-oriented management of the European Union’s external actions. Moreover, it helps users during the entire intervention cycle: from programming to evaluation and audit. In the framework of the project ‘Communication and Visibility of the EU Cooperation in Venezuela’, our Project Manager Ignacio Garcia travelled to Caracas to deliver a training session on project management and encoding log frames using OPSYS.

The training was delivered to around 20 EU implementing partners, with all of them being civil society organisations (CSOs). In the first part of the training, participants got to know OPSYS, created their EU login accounts and learned about how the ecosystem can help them manage their EU-funded projects. The second part of the training focused on log frames and how to encode them, add and modify indicators and send them to the EU for revision and validation.

We look forward to the next training in 2023 with a new set of CSOs!

3 January 2023

1 minute read

Key Experts

Ignacio Garcia

Senior Project Manager