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Training, Learning and Capacity Building

Capacity building for us is a locally-driven process of learning for our clients in both the public and private sectors, which brings about changes in socio-political, policy-related and organisational factors to achieve key development goals. 

We see capacity building taking place at three levels: 

  1. individual (experience, knowledge, technical skills)
  2. organisational (internal policies, procedures, frameworks)
  3. societal (government/firm strategies, legislation, power relations, social norms)

To build sustainable capacity, we focus on both the knowledge/technical aspects and the ‘softer’ skills aspects such as leadership, negotiations, networking and communications.  

We offer a custom mix of training and learning options, including: 

  • development and delivery of engaging practical training workshops 
  • delivery of inspiring virtual training sessions
  • provision of interactive coaching and mentoring
  • support in setting up and facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges and communities of practice 
  • bolstering a train-the-trainer approach and firming up official training institutions 

We use knowledge sharing methods and channels such as visualisation, storytelling, user-friendly formats, easy-to-use checklists and using pilots for scaling up reforms.

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