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Policy, formulation and strategy development

We help our clients to produce relevant, clear and evidence-based policy and strategy. We work with our clients to ensure policy and strategic responses are grounded in research, so that activities and funding have the greatest impact. We have extensive experience of undertaking consultations with a range of stakeholders – from high-level round table policy discussions to community consultations with local people, communities and businesses. We help our clients articulate their priorities in a range of strategic documents that engage with stakeholders and provide clear and inspiring information on goals, priorities and actions.

We offer the full range of support, including:

  • undertaking research to ground strategic responses in need
  • writing strategic and policy documents alongside our clients
  • consulting with stakeholders to help inform strategic responses
  • helping disseminate strategies and policies to the right stakeholders in the right way

We work with international, national, regional, and sub-regional organisations and can support anyone who needs a strategic plan to help articulate priorities and high-level goals.

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