Social Value

At Ecorys we strive to deliver Social Value by providing services to our clients that help them make decisions, build capacity, and implement and communicate change. Our vision motivates us to make a significant and long-lasting difference to the communities that we engage with through our contracts and work.

We have aligned the various strands of our social impact work with the UK government’s “New Social Value” model. This covers five strategic themes - reflecting UK government priorities. Drawing on the progress achieved through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, we have re- addressed our social impact strategies and aligned them with the UK government’s approach to Social Value.

We are very proud of our CSR efforts and achievements to date, and we have translated those into Ecorys’ Social Value. Our Business Conduct, Ethics and Social Value Policy is also a vital element of our work, covering core areas such as regulatory compliance, equality and inclusion, environmental issues, and safeguarding.

Some of our outstanding work includes progress in areas of environment and gender pay gap

We are proud to present our first annual Ecorys UK Social Value Report. The report gives a snapshot of the Social Value activity we’ve carried out at Ecorys in 2021. It covers what we have achieved as a company; some of the things our team members have accomplished whilst at work; and some of the social benefit generated in communities by contracts we deliver on behalf of clients.