Join Ecorys in celebrating City Giving Day 2023!

In 2023, Ecorys is participating in the City of London’s ‘City Giving Day‘ for the very first time, which will take place on Tuesday, 26 September.

City Giving Day (CGD) is run as part of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. It is a simple but impactful initiative that enables companies such as Ecorys UK, that are located in the City of London, to celebrate and showcase their philanthropic and volunteering achievements, while also inspiring others to get involved.

As part of our involvement in CGD 2023, Ecorys is donating to the Lord Mayors’ Appeal which in turn supports 3 Charities:

As well as making our donation, some of the Ecorys London team are pitting their wits against other City employers at the City Giving Day Quiz Night!

Ecorys UK Managing Director Nicki Smith said:

“We’re delighted to join in City Giving Day for the first time in 2023. As part of our mission to answer tomorrow’s challenges today, Ecorys is right behind the Lord Mayor’s aim to make the City of London inclusive, healthy, skilled and fair”.

We’ll also us the day to promote to our employees the Ecorys Volunteering Day allowance to encourage all staff to spend one working day each year volunteering for a good cause of their choosing.

26 September 2023

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