Our board

Our Board

Our Board of Management are experts in their respective fields with vast experience in policy, research and consulting. The Board sets out the strategic direction for the organisation and enables and monitors performance and progress. In close cooperation with the Supervisory Board, they establish governance and controls for the company and ensure that we have relevant resources and a suitable risk approach for successful delivery. 

Board of Management

Manon Janssen
Chief Executive Officer and Chair
Ewout West
Chief Financial Officer
Pieter Taselaar
General Counsel

Supervisory Board

Marc van Rooijen
Chair, Supervisory Board Chair, Remuneration and Nominations Committee
Dr. Chris Balch
Vice-chair, Supervisory Board, Member Remuneration and Nominations Committee
Thessa Menssen
Chair, Audit and Compliance Committee
Ecorys Management
Brigitte Slot

Managing Director Ecorys Netherlands

Ms. Radostina Tsvetanova

Managing Director Ecorys South East Europe

Aydin Ozgul

Managing Director Ecorys Brussels

Darren Jackson

Managing Director Ecorys UK and Managing Director International Development

Stuart Roberts

Finance Director Ecorys UK

Nicola Smith

Director Policy and Research and Director UK Market

Albert de Groot

Managing Director International Development Netherlands

Jan Aulehle

Director Digital and Communications

Maddy Rose

Director Programme Management

Jonathan Borsley

Project Director International Development (UK)

Jan-Maarten de Vet

Director Ecorys Brussels

Mateusz Halicki

Managing Director Ecorys Poland

Madhusudan Prakash

Managing Director Ecorys India

Mutale Mangamu

Managing Director Ecorys Zambia

Maja Hranilovic

Managing Director Ecorys Croatia

Ewout West

Chief Financial Officer

Manon Janssen

Chief Executive Officer and Chair

Nicoletta del Bufalo

Managing Director Ecorys Spain