Ecorys Response to COVID-19

Ecorys Response to COVID-19

Ecorys has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 for some weeks and have enacted a business continuity plan to ensure that we can continue to work effectively and efficiently.

This plan involves a series of actions designed to minimise the potential impact of the virus on our work, staff, clients, partners and other suppliers. Through this we are confident that we will be able to continue to deliver contracts and keep our staff safe and protected over the coming months.  

National Guidelines 

As a multinational organisation we are following the national guidelines given to us in each of the countries in which we operate. These are monitored daily and the policies and procedures within our plan are adjusted accordingly. As such, we can respond rapidly to the changing environment.  


This response is being led and coordinated by the most senior members of our company and enacted through the Boards of our separate operating companies. This ensures fast decision making and subsequent swift actioning of decisions. We are sending regular communications to all our staff in line with the latest advice from the relevant health department in each country in which we work.  

All our staff across all of our offices are able to work safely and securely from an alternative workspace, whether that be from home or an alternative company office. We have put in place, and are continuing to improve, several remote access facilities to enable work to continue as planned. We have online meeting and webinar facilities and so all staff can meet with other staff, associates, partners, clients, beneficiaries and interviewees over video or telephone technology. We are also flexible to alternative arrangements for meetings, for contract delivery and reporting where this helps our clients and partners. We can adapt our existing systems or procure new ones as the needs arise.  


We have facilities to keep in contact with all staff through various means and these will be enacted as necessary. If staff are taken ill or are self-isolating, then we can allocate other staff to provide support or implement the work. We have plans in place to adjust workloads and resources across our organisation and can do so quickly and at short notice.  

We are also maintaining close monitoring and communication with our subcontractors, particularly those in overseas offices. We have policies and procedures in place to rapidly demobilise them if required.  

Finding new ways to help you

As such, we do not, at present, envisage any major disruption to our ability to continue and complete our work for our clients. We will aim to meet delivery dates where feasible and practical, although some work may be delayed because of expected challenges accessing external stakeholders, including those due to restrictions on travel.  

We are also keen and willing to help our clients in other novel or innovative ways that will help them and everyone else get through these challenging times. We will remain in close contact with our clients to keep them up to date on any individual issues with their projects.

27 May 2020

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