Case Study

Technical Assistance for the Programme for Transboundary Water Management in the Cubango – Okavango River Basin

Client: EU EDF | Sectors: Natural Resources

Ecorys, leading a consortium of three firms, is providing TA support to strengthen governance in the Okavango river basin, straddling Angola, Namibia and Botswana.

This support is provided through OKACOM, the river basin Commission that oversees the development of the Okavango waters. The objective is to promote the sustainable management of its water and land resources. This is achieved through three specific objectives: i) developing a Decision Support Systems (DSS) for use in the delivery of the Basin Development Management Framework, which will enable OKACOM to provide effective advice to Member States, ii) to strengthening water management through improved water resources data availability, and establish a flood early warning system and iii) to strengthen land management through improved land use planning, reduction of environmental degradation and improved livelihoods.

The TA advisory component of the project is delivering specialist hydrological, environmental, livelihoods and other professional support to the Commission, developing bespoke decision support systems to underpin advice to the three Member States. This advice, underpinned by robust scientific evidence, is critical so that the development of the waters of the Okavango is undertaken in the interests of the citizens of the three countries for their sustainable and equitable growth.

Key Experts

Bruce Mead Technical Director