Case Study

Targeted Advice on European Social Fund (ESF) Support to Apprenticeships and Traineeship Services

Client: DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL), European Commission | Sectors: Social Policy

Ecorys has been selected to assist the European Commission in supporting governmental bodies and social partners in setting up new apprenticeship and traineeship schemes (particularly programmes supported through the ESF), as well as in supporting governmental bodies and social partners in improving the quality and performance of existing apprenticeship and traineeship programmes.

The two-year contract includes a review of existing schemes across the EU, providing tailor-made assistance and a help desk for Member States, organising a conference to exchange good practice, organising a learning seminar on evaluation methods, a review of programmes supported under ESF 2014-2020, developing web content and an online platform for stakeholders to exchange information, and developing awareness-raising and promotional activities in Member States

Key Experts

Ian Atkinson Director