Case Study

Support to VAT Implementation

Client: World Bank / National Board of Revenue | Sectors:

The objective of this $5m, 3-year project was to assist the National Board of Revenue (NBR) in managing VAT implementation, the introduction of a related ICT system, and the associated change program.

The programme aims to:

•    Increase revenue collection by broadening the tax base and enhancing the NBR’s capacity to identify and deal with non-compliant taxpayers.

•    Improve voluntary tax compliance by increasing the ease of compliance.

•    Decrease the cost of compliance, supporting private sector development and investment.

•    Create a modern, disciplined, knowledge-based and service-orientated VAT administration.

The project successfully:

•    Supported the NBR in the planning, management, coordination and oversight of the wider tax reform programme, including the implementation of a COTS ICT system, call centre and data centre by 3rd parties.

•    Improved business processes across all functional areas.

•    Improved ICT systems, and quality assured ICT hardware and software provision.

•    Revised the organisational structure, based on a functional model.

•    Supported effective procurement and contract management approaches.

•    Developed and implemented a change management strategy and plan, including change agent training.

•    Supported a broad range of taxpayer communications and education initiatives.

•    Developed a training strategy and programme, and supported its implementation.

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