Case Study

Support to Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Tajikistan

Client: World Bank | Sectors:

This project (2014-2015) supported the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tajikistan, which was established in 2012, in its development towards becoming a fully functional Supreme Audit Institution (SAI).

The intervention focused on three components: the legal and operational framework of the Accounts Chamber; methodological support and training for financial audit, and thirdly communications and external relations. The team of Ecorys experts successfully implemented a number of activities related in particular to improving the secondary legislation and the operational framework of the Accounts Chamber (this included finalizing the by-laws and building staff capacity to operationalize them, developing simplified financial statements’ audit methodology in line with international standards, as well as conducting hands-on training via pilot financial audits). The main activity within the Communication component consisted of designing a long-term outreach programme and organizing a workshop for government officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to raise public awareness on the Accounts Chamber.

The project successfully built the capacity of the newly founded Accounts Chamber to effectively carry out its mandate, in particular in terms of strengthening the legal framework and enhancing the capacity of staff to carry out financial audits.

Key Experts

Corina Certan Partner