Case Study

Support to the National Assembly in the domain of Public Finance Management

Client: European Union | Sectors:

The project (2014-2018) focused on enhancing the effectiveness of various Parliamentary Committees (the Estimates Committee, the Public Accounts Committee, the Economic Affairs, Energy & Labour Committee, as well as the Portfolio committees) in their management of fiscal and budgetary matters.

More specifically, the team of Ecorys experts provided those committees with training on a range of basic skills and expertise. By providing a constant stream of professional and technical support to these committees, the project played a critical role in addressing critical shortages in capacity among MPs, in a context of high turnover of MPs following electoral cycles. Some of the key activities undertaken included the design of a Knowledge & Information Management process, which involved the development of a clear conceptual framework with regards to who would need what knowledge, expertise and skills. The newly designated (Budget Office) staff analysts were supported through an intensive training programme aiming at creating a sound basis of skills for budgetary and fiscal analysis. In parallel, a structured process and programme of continuous professional improvement and skill development was set up. The starting point for all activities was the undertaking of a comprehensive capacity assessment of each of the Parliamentary Committee supported under the project.

The project contributed to the enhancement of the National Assembly’s capacities in the area of Public Finance Management; through both the development of a more structured and sustainable process in place to support continuous professional improvement among MPs, especially around budget matters, as well as through an intensive training programme.

Key Experts

Barney Shiels Managing Director International Development Netherlands