Case Study

Support to Customs Reform

Client: EC / Liberia Revenue Authority | Sectors:

Ecorys delivered two consecutive long-term projects over 4 years (total value £3m) to build the capacity of the Customs Department within the Liberia Revenue Authority.

The project aimed to facilitate international and regional trade, increase revenue from Customs operations, enhance the contribution of Customs to Liberia’s development and budget, and improve the accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of Customs operations and management. 

The project successfully:

•    Increased revenue collection nationally, including the establishment of a Centre of Excellence. 

•    Reduced smuggling and fraud through strengthened capacity for anti-smuggling, intelligence and investigation and enforcement.

•    Improved trade facilitation, including reducing average clearance times through: strengthening capacity for management controls; facilitating the consistent application of laws, regulations and procedures; promotion of voluntary compliance; and enhancing post clearance audit operations.

Key Experts

Amy Weaving Associate Director