Case Study

Study on the Diversity within the Teaching Profession

Client: European Commission, DG Education and Culture | Sectors: Social Policy

European learners are increasingly diverse. There are a growing number of students in Europe’s education systems that are from a minority and/or migrant background, and this is presenting a unique challenge to policy makers at EU, national and local level.

Students with a migrant/minority background on average exhibit lower educational attainment than their peers, but this can be tackled by greater diversity in the teaching profession. More teachers from a diverse background can support the evolving needs of the increasingly diverse learner population by building bridges with local migrant communities and acting as positive role models.

Ecorys UK has been commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate for Education and Culture to conduct a study on the ‘diversity within the teaching profession with particular focus on migrant and/or minority background’. The report will strengthen the evidence base on the topic by:

• Providing a comprehensive analysis and overview of the diversity of teaching staff in EU Member States with regards migrant and/or minority background;
• Analysing the barriers to entering and remaining in the teaching profession for potential candidates with a migrant and/or minority background;
• Mapping and analysing policies, strategies and initiatives at Member State level which aim to encourage more migrants and/or cultural minorities to enter the teaching force, taking into account their effectiveness and impact;
• Developing conclusions and recommendations, including concrete policy implications at EU and national level, based on the evidence gathered in the study.

Key Experts

Nicola Smith Director Policy & Research and Market Director Ecorys UK Social Policy