Case Study

Program for Integrated National Park Management

Client: Ministry of Environment and Tourism , Windhoek, Republic of Namibia | Sectors: Natural Resources

We are managing the project implementation for an investment of up to Eur15m by the German Federal Government for the most recent phase of the Namibia National Parks Programme.

This is a development initiative of the Government of the Republic of Namibia implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The focus is on the coastal national parks and covers improving physical infrastructure for parks management and ensuring its effective operation. We are also building capacity in integrated park management, supporting community development for those neighbouring the coastal parks and building internal capacity with MET in project management. Our consortium, which includes GOPA and Lund Consulting Engineers is also responsible for the provision of architectural, design and supervision services for the infrastructure.

New parks management infrastructure designed built and in operation.

Key Experts

Eleanor Harvie Senior Consultant