Case Study

European Vocational Skills Week

Client: DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, European Commission | Sectors: Social Policy

In August 2018, DG EMPL tasked us to design and implement the campaign strategy and communication tools to promote European Vocational Skills Week (EVSW) during 2018.

In a rapidly changing world, where adaptation of qualifications for young learners and upskilling and reskilling over the course of a career is critical, EVSW is the keystone in the European Commission’s efforts to raise the appeal of vocational education and training (VET) to respond to skills mismatches, shortages and needs. 

EVSW 2018 comprised a main week of events and activities in Vienna between 5 and 9 November, including a press event, conferences, workshops and an awards ceremony in addition to externally organised events throughout the year.

Our aim was to showcase the opportunities that VET can provide, to make companies realise the enormous potential and benefits of investing in human resources by engaging in initial skills provision for young people, as well as upskilling and reskilling of adults.

This campaign is primarily about perception change, with three main objectives:

1.            Raising awareness of VET and emphasise its opportunities;
2.            Changing the perception of VET amongst the target audiences; and
3.            Engaging employers and businesses for targeting adult learners.

To meet these objectives, we focused primarily on reaching stakeholders in the field of initial and continuing education and training and adult learning in Europe. Secondarily, the campaign targeted the wider public, by promoting registration of and participation in the events.

Our integrated communications campaign, comprised three main areas of support:

1. The overall campaign: including a visual identity, social media campaign, video production, PR and a website;

2. Activities in Member States: including event registration and promotion, guidelines and toolkits, promotional material and webinars; and

3. Vienna events: including on-the-ground social media activities, support for awards, event signage, and development of a smartphone app.


- 1,852 events registered;
- Estimated 2.4 million participating in approved events;
- More than 39 million people reached on social media through the hashtags #EUVocationalSkills and #DiscoverYourTalent; and
- 1.9 million video views

EVSW18 website: Here

EVSW18 summary of the week: Here

EVSW18 videos: Here

Key Experts

James Williamson Senior Communications Consultant