Case Study

EIT Communications Support 2013-2016

Client: European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) | Sectors: Social Policy, Economic Growth

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU initiative that spurs innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. 

From 2013 to 2016, Ecorys provided communications support on a range of projects designed to increase the visibility of the EIT Community, its activities and its achievements. These projects included:

• EIT communication campaign 2013-2014: We designed and implemented a communications campaign to raise the visibility of the EIT, which included social media, media relations, publicity materials, organisation of an event for 300-400 delegates and website design.

• Communications support for EIT CHANGE Award winners 2013 and 2015: We provided two innovative start-up companies (GrowUp Urban Farms and LEDSafari) with communication support including the development of a communication strategy, branding elements and promotional material.

• Development of the EIT Community’s brand identity: We developed a cohesive visual identity for the EIT Community including logos, fonts, icons, colours, graphical styles, publication templates, promotional items and more. The branding was adopted across the community, unifying the members and resulting in a stronger EIT brand.

• EIT communication campaign 2015: We created, developed and implemented an integrated communication campaign that involved everything from social media and media relations to publications, videos and the promotion of key EIT events. A particular focus for 2015 was promoting the launch of the EIT’s flagship event: INNOVEIT. 

• EIT Alumni Startup Days communication campaign: We supported the launch of the EIT Alumni Startup Days, a collaborative event for current and past EIT students, by providing social media coverage, photography, promotional items, publications and videos.

• EIT communication campaign 2016: We designed, implemented and monitored a multichannel communication campaign to promote the EIT’s activities throughout 2016. Deliverables included a campaign strategy, videos, publications, social media coverage, media relations, event promotion, promotional items, media monitoring and advertising.

Outcomes of the EIT communication campaign 2016 included:

• 88,200 mentions of the EIT Community on social media
• 12,265 followers on Twitter
• 5,062 web articles on the EIT/EIT Community
• 12,264 likes on Facebook
• 619 press articles on the EIT/EIT Community
• 5,393 followers on LinkedIn

Key Experts

Jan Aulehle Director Digital and Communications Ecorys UK