Case Study

Digital Services for SK:N Clinics

Client: Sk:n Clinics | Sectors: Economic Growth

Sk:n clinics is the UK’s leading skin clinic with 49 clinics across the UK. Ecorys have been working with Sk:n clinics since 2013 and have become their preferred digital supplier.

We have built a number of key systems for sk:n including an Incident Complaints and Auditing system and a Rota Management System.

A systems scoping exercise was first conducted by Ecorys. Working closely with IT personnel at sk:n we reviewed the business processes and workflows relating to complaints, incident, legal and audit data used within the business. Customer satisfaction survey data was also reviewed. Following the scoping exercise it was agreed that there was a definite business case for implementing a system to manage sk:n’s complaints and auditing information.

Complaints and Auditing System:

The system was built as a web application using Microsoft .NET technologies with the application data being stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The application is only accessible through via sk:n’s intranet and available to named personnel only. User access to the system is controlled through use of Active Directory security groups. The system comprised of the following modules: Incident Reporting, Complaints and E-Audits Module.

More recently we have added a module for managing the auditing of the laser equipment used within the clinics and a module for tracking treatments that are exempt from VAT.

The benefits of the system include:
· Delivery of bespoke system tailored to sk:n’s requirements
· Streamlining existing processes - quicker turn-around of incident reporting
· Increased visibility of incidents and complaints
· Full audit history
· Options to extend the system with new modules
· Integrates with existing IT systems and infrastructure
· Provision of ongoing support and maintenance from Ecorys

Rota Management System:

Starting with a detailed scoping exercise, we worked with IT personnel at sk:n to agree the functionality that would be delivered by the Rota Management System. Detailed requirements for each of the main functional areas were drawn-up, along with mock-ups and wireframes for each of the main user screens. We were then commissioned to build a web-based Rota Management System (RMS) to include the following features:

· Database to store clinic rota data, revenue targets and other KPIs
· A web interface to facilitate the rota management process. This will include screens for managing the rota submission process and data entry screens for reviewing and amending rotas
· Development of Excel templates and forms to assist with the testing and debugging of rota configuration (and associated cost/revenue models)
· Development of rota approval workflow (rota generation, rota review and amend, rota validation and approval)
· Automatic transfer of "approved" rota data to SKN Manager (SKN's CRM system)
Benefits of the system included:
· Central reporting of rota information
· Standardised and streamlined rota submission process
· Sustained reduction of staff costs
· Increased visibility of future revenue
· Rotas captured via the system will highlight potentially inefficiencies in clinic configuration and lead to better optimisation

Both systems integrate directly with their CRM and bookings systems and are used across all of their UK clinics. We continue to build and support various tools for their IT and Marketing departments. We have built custom solutions for processing Google Analytics data (customer form fills), email campaign data (dotMailer), and customer review data, integrating with platforms such as TrustPilot, Listen360 and Yext.


Key Experts

Reuben Pearse Business Systems Senior Consultant