Case Study

Capacity Building Support to the Ministry of Finance in Zambia

Client: European Commission | Sectors:

This project (2015-2018) provided support to the Ministry of Finance in Zambia to strengthening professionalization of PFM skills development among civil servants. 

This was done through the establishment and roll out of a structured and systematic professional development programme for civil servants who deal with Public Financial Management.  Specifically this included:

•    Supporting professionalization within the capacity development environment for PFM in Zambia. Including supporting change management through redesign of the incentive structure and performance management systems. 
•    Support to the MoF Human Resource and Administration Department towards efficient management and administration of the PFM training programme 
•    Carrying out a review of the existing government training system and developing proposals for change focusing on enhancing operations and functionality across the PFM infrastructure.
•    Identifying and training a cadre of change makers across the PFM service to champion realistic and achievable change.
•    A review of job descriptions, ensuring these are in place for key posts and that they identify the skills required by the post holder. 
•    Development of a PFM training curriculum, designing courses in collaboration with numerous government departments. Training courses developed included leadership, accounting standards, internal control payroll, procurement
•    Developing criteria to select training institutes for the delivery of PFM training.
•    Support to training institutes by coaching trainers, conducting inaugural courses and providing advisory services as needed.

The project resulted in the establishment of a structure, systematic and continuous skills and professional development programme for government accountants, internal auditors and civil servants dealing with Public Financial Management. 

Key Experts

Joris Endel Senior Consultant