Case Study

Building Capacity for the Use of Research Evidence (BCURE)

Client: DFID / Bangladesh Government | Sectors:

Ecorys delivered this 3-year DFID project to build capacity across Government to develop and implement evidence and research based policies using a highly adaptive and flexible approach.

This is done by:

•    Working with the Cabinet Division to develop a uniform evidence-based policy formulation process, and supporting its implementation across three pilot line ministries.

•    Helping build increased understanding and capability amongst policy makers within line ministries on the new process, and specifically on: the benefits of integrating data and research evidence into the policy formulation process; and different approaches and qualitative and quantitative methodologies for doing so. 

The project successfully:

•    Built the capacity of selected line ministries (the Ministry of Environment and Forests; Ministry of Commerce; and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) to sustainably utilise an evidence informed policy development process, featuring impact assessment tools.

•    Enabled Cabinet Division to provide oversight of this process, supporting line ministries where necessary (e.g. through guidelines).

•    Developed closer links and understanding between line ministries and Bangladeshi research institutes and think-tanks.

•    Institutionalised evidence informed policy making training in civil service training bodies. 

•    Produced a series of evidence informed policies which produced significant benefits to the Bangladeshi population. 

Key Experts

Sheryl Loke Associate Director