Case Study

Assessing the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Relevence of the European Social Fund (ESF) Learning Networks

Client: DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL), European Commission | Sectors: Social Policy

Ecorys is carrying out the overall evaluation of the ESF transnational Learning Networks. 

The 13 Learning Networks bring together key actors in thematic areas such as the social economy or governance issues such as gender mainstreaming. The main objective of the evaluation is to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the Learning Networks, and their contribution to enhancing capacity-building and mutual learning between ESF managing and implementing bodies, and with strategic stakeholders.

On the basis of the evaluation results, recommendations will be made to support the discussion on the role of Learning Network-type activity in the programming period 2014-2020, in particular as regards the promotion of transnational cooperation.

Key Experts

Vicki Donlevy Technical Director