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Knowledge development & methodological support

Ecorys Research

Our company is continuously engaged in developing and creating new knowledge and improving methodological tools to answer the important socio-economic questions societies and our are faced with. The creation of new knowledge and the continuous efforts of Ecorys to push the frontier of knowledge further out is imperative for the long-term future and for the vision of the company. Knowledge development takes place through two avenues:

  • Project work for clients. For each project, Ecorys builds on past work and aims to move beyond what has been delivered before, both in new insights and in methodological approach. What is innovative in a past project becomes the standard for the next. This way Ecorys has developed and applied state-of-the-art research methods.
  • Internal research work. For its strategic focus, Ecorys benefits from re-invested earnings of the Foundation NEI to run the Ecorys Research Programme. This programme allows Ecorys employees to carry out fundamental research in a direction that is strategically important for the company. These projects can lead to the development of new methodologies, or answers to questions that we believe matter for society but where no project request exists.