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Our vision on events

Programme Management

Our events approach is based on the fact that a successful event product needs to take into account all dimensions: programme, participants, place and promotion – or in short: the Ecorys Events Diamond.

An exciting and coherent programme is focused on clear objectives and topical themes, and brought to life by high-quality moderators and speakers. Equally important is the type and composition of participants, from a wide range of target groups including maritime sectors, government, academia and businesses. Participants are only expected to turn up after the right promotion actions have been taken and an event can only become what it is through the place – its venue, the setting, the catering, the service, the atmosphere, and the attention to detail that makes the difference.

The Ecorys Events Diamond

The Ecorys Events diamond

Making events more sustainable

When organising events the principle Reduce, Reuse & Recycle applies throughout the coordination process. We have been developing some good practices to reduce your carbon footprint and support local economy, and we choose suppliers who are conscious of the same principles. Click here for more information

What our clients say

  • "Fabulous conference!!! Thank you."
  • "Nous vous prions de trouver ici nos sincères remerciements et nos félicitations. Nous avons assisté à un événement très professionnel. Nous attendons la mise à jour du site."
  • "Congratulations on organizing this major event."
  • "Interesting to see how much can be done in little time if you have the right tools."
  • "Good variety of learning, working, role play, affable presenters, clear, concise easy to understand."