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Procurement, Infrastructure and Knowledge Management (PINK) Capacity Development Programme in South Africa

Klant: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) | Sectoren: Economic Growth

The overall objective of the PINK CD Program is 'increased cost effective, socially inclusive and sustainable service delivery at provincial and local government level'. 

To achieve this objective, the program is aligned with the capacity development priorities of the National Treasury and aims to address two of the main causes of irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure within municipalities that impact significantly on their ability to provide basic services to all - weak procurement practices and poor infrastructure management. In addition, the program is mindful of the low capacity within many municipalities (and some Provincial Treasuries) to make sense of and fully comply with all of the legislation, policies and guidelines already covering procurement and infrastructure management.

KRA 1 – More effective supply chain management (procurement) at local government level: in key result area 1, the SCM regulations and toolkits for municipalities are further improved, followed by the development of specific training programs for SCM practitioners and executives in municipalities and the establishment of an implementation support mechanism in provincial treasuries aiming to provide assistance to municipalities. The scope of work for SCM includes preferential procurement, demand management, contract management, acquisition management and infrastructure procurement. 

KRA 2 - Enhanced infrastructure management (budgeting, planning and asset management) at local government level. For key result area 2 the already developed and practiced national and metro level IDMS toolkit will be adapted (simplified) for utilization in municipalities and additional infrastructure management tools for a selection of subsectors (eg water and sanitation) will be developed. Skills training programs and the establishment of a support facility at provincial treasury level shall ensure that the developed tools can be adequately rolled-out across municipalities. 

Ecorys / the PINK PMU, regularly requires service providers to support the implementation of the project. For procurements done under this programme, Ecorys will ensure full compliance with Swiss Procurement Law as per the principles of transparency, economic efficiency, competition and equal treatment. Opportunities will be advertised in various media and documentation made available here.

Current opportunities with PINK  

Appointment of an expert to develop a human resource framework for the effective implementation of the local government infrastructure delivery management system toolkit.

The objective of this project is to create an overall Human Resource Framework for:

Key Experts

Jan-Willem Knippels Director