Case Study

Strengthening Budget Preparation in Bangladesh (SBPB)

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The SBPB project (2015-2016) provided learning and technical assistance to the Finance Division (FD) and four line ministries (Education, Health, Agriculture and Power) in Bangladesh for the implementation of several budget reform activities. 

The key results of the components of the Strengthening Budget Preparation in Bangladesh (SBPB) project were: 

Detailed assessment of the progress made by Line Ministries in implementing budget reforms, the limitations on implementation, and the contribution to addressing constraints on Line Ministry performance by means of tailored capacity assessments;
New knowledge generated to inform the World Bank in determining future support, and the government in preparation of the new PFM reform strategy.

Training & capacity building support provided to the Finance Division and four Line Ministries.

The team worked closely with FD and line ministry counterparts when conducting capacity assessments, based on a tailored made capacity assessment framework approved beforehand by the World Bank team. Based on the capacity assessments, the project focused on developing and implementing set of learning mechanisms, hands-on on-the-job learning and support to make further progress in budget reforms, facilitate the budget preparation process, and build consensus on the shape of future PFM reforms. The capacity building support focused on integrating the full range of processes, systems, guidelines and forms associated with the Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF) – Medium Term Strategic Business Plans (MTSBPs), Ministry Budget Framework (MBF), Annual Performance Reports (APRs) – with the work of the new budget institutions throughout the policy, planning and budget cycle.

Key Experts

Ivo Gijsberts Director