Manon Janssen moderates Informal Meeting of Energy Ministers in Amsterdam

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The informal ministerial meetings in connection with the Dutch Presidency took place at Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand and the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam on Sunday (April 10, 2016) and  Monday (April 11, 2016).

The theme of the meeting was “The future electricity market model and the role of regional markets”. The evening programme was opened by Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands and the topic of the discussion has been introduced. Manon Janssen, chair of the Top Sector Energy for the Netherlands (and CEO of Ecorys), discussed the energy transition towards 2050 and what is needed to develop well-functioning European electricity market.

During the second day, the delegates were invited  to participate in two sessions that covered the topics of integration of renewables, flexibility and market improvements, and the security of supply. Key issues and questions were addressed during the breakout sessions as well as during the panel debate. The topics included: demand side response, the involvement of consumers, and the role of DSOs. The key questions of the meeting are listed below:

  • Which do you consider to be the three main (policy) measures that would help prepare our markets for an increased share of renewable energy, and to get our renewable producers ready to fully integrate in the electricity market?
  • How can we bring about the right price signals for investments in our electricity market? And to what extend are ministers willing to accept high electricity prices during scarcity periods?
  • How can we define/enhance the role of DSOs and prevent market distortions while guaranteeing market neutrality?

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