Ecorys providing technical assistance to the Urban Agenda for the European Union

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Ecorys has been providing technical assistance to the Urban Agenda for the EU since 2017. It has been running the Technical Secretariat for all 14 Partnerships, providing strategic guidance, management and administrative support. A brochure on the State of Play of the Urban Agenda that was recently released can be found online.

Over the last 2,5 years, we have provided support to the Digital Transition Partnership, which brought together more than 20 cities, local administrations and ministries from various European countries. The objective of the Partnership is to support European cities in exploiting the possibilities of digitalisation, empower and protect their citizens by transferring to them knowledge while protecting their data, and assist European businesses to develop innovations and create new business opportunities for global markets. More specifically, the Partnership has focused on generalising and improving the digital skills of EU citizens, promoting a citizen-centric e-government, working on generating value through free and fair access to open, public and personal data, as well as accelerating and adopting digital emerging technologies and adopting business model thinking in cities. 
As part of the Technical Secretariat, we have supported Partners with providing guidance and strategic vision, which resulted first in an Orientation Paper, and subsequently in an Action Plan, which displayed 15 Actions, currently in the process of implementation.

The activities of the Partnerships and past accomplishments can be found in the dedicated Futurium page.

Please contact Agnese Macaluso ([email protected]) or Walter Hulsker ([email protected]) if you wish to receive more information.