Ecorys prepares the first national competitiveness report for Cyprus

| Economic growth

Ecorys has supported the Economy and Competitiveness Council of Cyprus by preparing the first competitiveness report for Cyprus, providing an in-depth analysis of the country’s overall competitiveness and the ICT service sector as a promising and emerging industry.

The Government of Cyprus has embarked on an ambitious reform programme aimed at boosting the country’s growth and competitiveness. Recently an Economy and Competitiveness Council has been set-up to analyze and monitor competitiveness developments and challenges in Cyprus, and to encourage public debates on competitiveness-enhancing policies and reforms. Ecorys has been supporting the work of the Council by preparing the first competitiveness report for Cyprus. 

The Ecorys report provides an overview of the Cyprus economy, an assessment of the drivers of competitiveness across eight broad themes, and an assessment of social and environmental sustainability. This assessment is based on more than 150 statistical indicators. Building on this analysis, the report provides policy recommendations and identifies policy priorities. An in-depth assessment of the sectoral competitiveness of ICT services as an emerging and growing sector of the Cyprus economy is supplementing the analysis of national competitiveness.

The work on the report has drawn on Ecorys’ expertise on competitiveness, including more than two dozen studies of sectoral competitiveness for the European Commission, our work on trade and investment, and our practical experience in implementing competitiveness enhancing policies in the EU and in countries around the world. Ecorys continues to work with Cypriot authorities, and is currently formulating an economic diplomacy strategy for the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Clingendael Institute of Foreign Relations.

The report can be downloaded on the webpage of the Economy and Competitiveness Council.

Further information on our competitiveness expertise can be found on our webpage or you can contact Michael Fuenfzig ([email protected])