Artificial intelligence, big data and its impact on fundamental rights in the EU

| Security and Justice, Economic Growth

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights requested Ecorys, the TU Delft and a number of individual experts to execute a study on the impact of Artificial intelligence and big data on the fundamental rights in the EU. 

Technologies based on artificial intelligence are disruptive. This can be positive, with AI leading to new medicines, more equitable social schemes, more efficient capital allocation, and even better matching of skills with jobs. But these benefits also challenge cherished fundamental rights of EU citizens bringing the risk of discrimination through algorithm-based profiling, and risks related to privacy, data protection, the right to a fair trial, freedom of expression and other fundamental rights. This study will feed into fundamental discussions on what kind of digital society Europe wants to build.

The project starts on the 11th of July and will run for one year.

For more information about this project, you can contact Brigitte Slot ([email protected]) or David Regeczi ([email protected])