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Strategic plan for strengthening the hospital sector in Kiev

27 December 2016 - Commissioned by the Kyiv City Council and in cooperation with Orange Health Consultant, Ecorys will construct a strategic plan in order to strengthen the hospital sector in Kiev. The health care systems in Ukraine, including the Kiev region and Kiev city have been under pressure to reform fundamentally in the past 25 years.

Current situation
Despite sustained efforts, the current situation is described in a recent Concept Paper of Health of the City of Kiev as: ‘It is necessary to introduce new effective mechanisms of funding and managing the health care area [...] issues render impossible the effective functioning of the health care system [...] an urgent need to develop new modern approaches to modernization of the healthcare system in Kiev city aimed at defining a new vision of the further development of capital’s health care.’ The Concept Paper proposes to ‘strengthening the health system in Kiev city to ensure the right of every resident of the city to the availability of high-quality health services, create the conditions for rational use of budgetary funds on ‘money with patient’ principle, and to create favourable working conditions for the medical staff’.

The scoping phase for the project has already started and will be completed at the end of January. After the scoping phase, a decision will be made about the development of the full Hospital Master Plan, which will be carried out in Kiev city. Ecorys proposed a fact based and stepwise approach, taking into account the context in which hospitals operate, including other parts of the health system. We will focus on trends, distribution, capacity, utilization and performance of the available health services in Kiev city. For example the demand for secondary hospital care is heavily influenced by the effectiveness of the primary care sector and accessibility of tertiary care sector in particular urban areas where geographical limitations are less important. The plan will be based on a thorough analysis of information on the current system (organization and management, health care financing, human and information resources) as well as (future) health needs which will then influence decisions on future structures and policies. The Hospital Master Plan is likely to be an iterative process of data collection, analysis and policy formulation including important stakeholders. Taking into account the complexity of making a sound strategic plan for the hospital sector it is advised to start with a ‘scoping phase’ at the beginning of the project. The aim of the scoping phase is to identify existing information, gather contextual information of data analysis results; and identify relevant stakeholders to participate in developing the Hospital Master Plan.

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