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Ecorys participates in roundtable on container port systems of the future

April 10, 2017 - The OECD invited Ecorys to participate in the roundtable on container port systems of the future. Marten van den Bossche (Director Global Practice Connectivity at Ecorys) will attend the event. This will take place on 10 and 11 April in Buenos Aires. There are 22 participants and 19 stakeholders from Argentina who are joining the roundtable.

The competitiveness of container ports is dependent largely on three broad sets of determinants related to the maritime side, operations within the port and the hinterland connectivity of the port. Individual container ports obviously differ with respect to these determinants and can be constrained in terms of competitiveness by any of the factors, or a combination of them. For ports to be effective nodes in future supply chains they will need to perform well in all three domains. The aim of this roundtable is to assess good practice in relation to these determinants of the competitiveness of container port systems. One session will specifically look at the future of the container port system of Buenos Aires.

Sessions on 10 April
- The first session is about 'Container ship size and port relocation'. Many ports are located close to cities, but larger ships have changed the requirements for ports. Is port relocation the logical answer to increased container ship size?
- The second session is about 'Traffic planning in port-cities'. Many port-cities struggle with port-related traffic and their interference with regular urban passenger traffic, both road and rail. How could traffic flows in port-cities be best planned?
- The third session is about 'The case of Buenos Aires'. What long term configuration of ports would be needed for Buenos Aires?

Sessions on 11 April
- The fourth session is about 'Inland waterways: development, governance and Finance'. One way to relieve traffic congestion is a shift to other transport modes, including to inland waterways. How could the use of inland waterways for freight transport be stimulated?
- The last session is about 'Performance assessment for gateway ports'. Traditional port performance indicators have a narrow focus that hardly ever covers the performance of ports as parts of whole supply chains. This session aims to provide insight in alternative ways of measuring the performance of gateway ports, in particular by assessing Canadian initiatives in this respect.

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