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Ecorys develops intermodal planner for KTL Ludwigshafen

The intermodal planner supports KTL Ludwigshafen in achieving its growth targets by clearly showing the benefits of multimodal transport that uses the terminal in Ludwigshafen. KTL Ludwigshafen is one of the leading road-rail terminals in Europe where import and export flows are transported congestion free from and to customers. To ensure smooth handling and transportation of these cargo flows, road-rail connections are constantly optimized. The online intermodal route planner will provide terminal users quick and easy access to the intermodal alternatives, both for direct and indirect connections. 

From July 3rd, the planner of KTL Ludwigshafen is online. KTL Ludwigshafen is the first intermodal terminal which uses the services of Intermodal Links, the first independent online search engine that enables you to find the best and fastest intermodal service provider for container and ferry / RoRo transport between more than 1000 terminals in 50 countries. The planner determines the optimal route from approximately 16,000 direct terminal-terminal connections offered by 150 intermodal service providers (rail, inland shipping and short sea), including transport times and frequencies of the connections and contact data of the intermodal transport operators and terminals. In addition to KTL Ludwigshafen, Intermodal Links also provides information services to the Port of Rotterdam, Zeeland Seaports, Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Zeebrugge.  

About KTL Ludwigshafen
KTL Kombiterminal Ludwigshafen GmbH runs one of most modern full service terminals in intermodal transport rail/road. With a handling volume of 500.000 handlings p.a. and max. 30 train pairs per day, KTL GmbH is one of the three biggest hinterland terminals in Europe. Founded in 1999, we started working in October 2000 and enlarged the terminal twice until September 2012, so that nowadays we have 13 rail tracks under crane and 13 shunting tracks for handling the trains in flow. According to our core competence of safe handling of loading units, we offer several other services: agency for operators, pre- and onward trucking to intermodal terminals, storage of loading units (including dangerous goods), heating of loading units with water and electricity, depot, maintenance and repair of loading units and trucks. For more information on KTL Kombiterminal Ludwigshafen:
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