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Ecorys to develop policies for industry sectors in Ethiopia







9 January, 2017Ecorys will develop policies to improve Ethiopian industry sectors, in cooperation with several Ethiopian experts. The study, commissioned by the Ministry of Industry in Ethiopia, will start in early 2017 and will be completed in April 2017. The project takes place in Addis Ababa with in-country interviews in collaboration with different companies, researchers, sectors associations, sector agencies and the government. The study will focus on possible cooperation between entrepreneurs, researchers and the Ethiopian government in regard to the most important industry sectors.

Current situation

Currently, Ethiopian public and private institutions lack collaboration which weakens the industry sector. In addition, existing institutions have limited capacity to implement new policies and strategies. The Ministry of Industry whishes to see which policies are required to develop several sectors of industry. Ecorys will therefore research whether innovation takes place and to establish the education levels within different sectors. Furthermore, Ecorys will have to establish which sectors actually work in Ethiopia and whether policies should target specific sectors or all sectors in a more general way. Based on these findings, Ecorys will provide policy makers with recommendations and advice on industrial policy. 
The share of the industrial sector in GDP is only 4% at the moment. The Ministry of Industry would like to have this share increased to 17% by 2025. Ecorys will attempt to quantify the performance of the sectors under study, their competitive advantages and disadvantages, provide benchmarking of the performance of these industry sectors and provide policy recommendations to the Ethiopian Ministry of Industry for their development.
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