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Ecorys compensates 895,6 ton CO2 in 2016 by financing the climate project ‘Wind in Turkey‘

After insight and reduction, CO2 compensation is another step towards becoming a climate-neutral company. Ecorys has chosen to compensate its climate impact by financing the climate project ’Wind in Turkey’. Ecorys’ investment also contributes to the energy transition in Turkey.

The project invests in windparkts which supply electricity to the Turkish electricity network. Electricity from fossil sources is substituted by sustainable wind energy. Additional to CO2 reduction, the project also contributes to more security and independence of the local energy supply. Other project advantages encompass an improvement of local infrastructure due to the construction of the windpark, positive employment effects and a contribution to sustainable economic growth in Turkey.

The Wind in Turkey project is verified by the Gold Standard. This means that the project does not only contribute to CO2 reductions, but also to the entire living environment and the living standard of the local population. Moreover, it contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aiming to make the world ‘a better place in 2030’. The specific goals to which this project contributes, are: ’Affordable and clean energy‘, ’Decent work and economic growth’, ‘Industry, innovation and infrastructure‘ and ’Climate action’.

Thanks to, among others, the climate project Wind in Turkey, Ecorys compensates around 70% of its CO2 emissions. Besides, Ecorys’ goal is to compensate all CO2 emissions by 2020 and to become completely climate neutral.

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