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Ecorys commissioned by the European Union to carry out a Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Assessment in Uzbekistan









Ecorys is commissioned by the European Union Delegation to Uzbekistan to carry out a Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment in Uzbekistan. The main purpose of the 2018 PEFA assessment is to provide the Government of Uzbekistan and its development partners with an objective up-to-date diagnostic of the national-level public financial management performance based on the upgraded PEFA Performance Measurement Framework Methodology of 2016.

The PEFA methodology identifies the seven pillars of performance that are essential for an open and orderly PFM system. These include: budget reliability, transparency of public finances, management of assets and liabilities, policy-based fiscal strategy and budgeting, predictability and control in budget execution, accounting and reporting, and external scrutiny and audit.

The PEFA assessment will be used to provide a clear and updated picture of Uzbekistan's public finance systems and measure which PFM systems, processes and institutions contribute to the achievement of desirable budget outcomes, aggregate fiscal discipline, strategic allocation of resources, and efficient service delivery. The PEFA assessment will aim at: (i) informing the government on areas of PFM strengths and weaknesses; (ii) facilitating and updating the dialogue on PFM between Government and its development partners; and (iii) helping development partners to design budget support programmes. The results of the assessment are expected to assist the Government in monitoring the implementation and updating of its ongoing Public Financial Management Reform Strategy.

The project started in September 2018 and is envisioned to be finalised in February 2019.

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