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Ecorys’ research as the basis of a new book

As a completion of a two-year study by Ecorys, a book called "Public expenditure control and quality in Latin America and the Caribbean - The role of the Legislature and the Supreme Audit Institution", was published in San Salvador on March 23rd 2017. The book is based on a comparative study between 7 countries (Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic) that was effectuated by Ecorys.

The study developed a conceptual framework based on a review of theory and recent literature. The framework was used to analyse how the Legislature and the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in the seven countries participate in the budget cycle. The study also identified good and promising initiatives by Legislatures and SAIs in the seven countries that further contribute to the process of improving the quality of expenditure. 

The book appears under the framework of the GIZ project “Support Fiscal Policy in El Salvador” and consists of three parts that are based on the findings of the Ecorys research team. The main book authors are Dafina Dimitrova, Nelson Shack Yalta, Salvador Delgado-Garza (all from Ecorys) and Ulises Guardiola and the book was edited by Mauricio García Moreno, Peter Dineiger and Reinhard Engl. The first part presents the conceptual foundations of the quality of public expenditure and the possibility of the Legislatures and SAIs to improve this quality. The second part documents the case studies and good practices identified and the third part brings together different conclusions and recommendations. The editors, in addition to transforming the research report into a book edition, enriched it with their own opinions and added input of other specialists who read and commented the text. 
The publication can be accessed here. For more information, please contact:
  • Dafina Dimitrova, Senior consultant E