Case Study

Transboundary Water Resource Management in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC): Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF)

Client: DFID | Sectors: Natural Resources

The Project delivered sustainable small-scale water infrastructure across transboundary river basins in eleven SADC countries

This demand-driven programme focused on climate resilience for the long term sustainability of water supply service provision, equitable water resource management and water for livelihoods. The project fostered sustainable development of the region’s water resources and addressed the water, food and energy nexus. Services included management of the PMU, awareness raising and capacity development, impact assessments, feasibility studies, technical assistance to all institutions and support in project planning and implementation.

The approach to designing and delivering sustainable, climate-resilient, small scale transboundary infrastructure was developed, trailed and implemented. A suite of approaches, using formal River Basin Organisations, the regional and international private sector/multinationals in the agricultural sector and local communities was developed. Innovative approaches were implemented and evaluated, and lessons were derived and disseminated.

Key Experts

Bruce Mead Technical Director