Case Study

Technical Assistance to Support the Agricultural Sector Performance Enhancement Programme Phases 1 & 2

Client: EU EDF | Sectors: Natural Resources

Ecorys delivered the first phase of PEP in the period 2011-2015 and is currently delivering the second phase (2016-2021).

This programme supports the Zambian Government to deliver on its policy objective to reduce rural poverty and enhance food and nutrition security. Ecorys provides professional technical support to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock (MFL) towards increased institutional capacity and improved service delivery to small scale farmers across all 10 provinces of Zambia.

The support is through three specific components: improved use of evidence for policy making, planning and budgeting underpinning service delivery to rural households; enhanced capacity to coordinate and provide extension services that contribute to increased productivity and improved food / nutrition security in small scale farming households and increased dietary diversity of women and children in poor rural households through more effective nutrition-sensitive farmer extension and services facilitated by MoA and MFL.

Ecorys advisers have been instrumental in assisting reform of the delivery of services to small scale farmers across Zambia, including critical support to the e-voucher scheme, with 1.1m farmers currently registered, and 2.5m to be included by the end of the project. Service delivery has been significantly enhanced, in addition to improvements in nutrition-sensitive programming and revision of all agricultural training to include nutrition modules in all provinces in Zambia.

Key Experts

Bruce Mead Technical Director