Case Study

Strengthening Public Investment Management Systems in Bangladesh

Client: World Bank | Sectors: Public Sector Reform

This project (2012-2014) aimed to provide analytical support to the preparation of multiyear public investment programmes to translate government objectives (outlined in the 6th 5 year plan) to actionable measures that can support national development.

The project also supported the review of existing guidelines for formulation processing, appraisal and approval of public investment project and made necessary updates and revisions to systems and structures. In addition the project worked to develop the capacity of the Programming Division and agency/ ministry officials by supporting hands on capacity building and training of officials responsible for the PIM system in Bangladesh. 

Ecorys consultants produced 20 analytical reports on different elements of Bangladesh’s PIM system, including a policy note formulating a long term vision and strategy for improving public investment management in line with the vision 2021 to become a middle income country, facilitated consultation events among Government agencies to discuss related findings and recommendations and organized study tours to South Africa and Malaysia for Government officials. 


Key Experts

Albert de Groot Project Director