Qualities of work locations receive more and more attention

Client: Government, municipality, province and region | Sectors: Social Policy, Regions and Cities, Transport and Infrastructure, Natural Resources

Ecorys has noticed that increasing attention is being paid to the quality of work locations.

That is why the emphasis is on the qualities of business parks and their effects on the balance between supply and demand. Business parks differ from each other and municipalities and regions target other target groups. Activities in different regions, however, also have many similarities, with comparable establishment requirements that can be subdivided into work environments.

By making use of a specific market image for each type of working environment, no "flat hectares of discussion" is created, but the nuance that is needed to make agreements at regional level is offered.

An important starting point for advice on work locations is the preparation of an estimate with our SPECTRA forecasting model. With this we translate economic growth scenarios into space demand in the region. The quantitative demand estimate forms a good basis, but ultimately a qualitative deepening is always necessary in order to be able to make a good match between the location requirements of space users and the qualities of the available supply. After all, it is not the number of hectares that is important, but the extent to which these hectares meet the wishes of potential space seekers.

In order to obtain a clear a picture as possible of the quality of the available supply on industrial sites, and to provide local interpretation to the demand for working environments, a visit to industrial sites is an indispensable part of our research. Experience from Ecorys shows that this greatly increases support among the officials and administrators involved.

Ecorys is happy to include directors in its method of estimate and assumptions. With this, Ecorys ensures that the discussion is not about the accuracy of facts and figures or about methodologies, but about the way in which policy on the work locations contributes to the regional and local economy.

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