Intermodal Links data supplier for navigation

Client: Port Authority Rotterdam | Sectors: Transport and Infrastructure

Ecorys’ Intermodal Links is one of the data suppliers of the new orientation tool Navigate from the Port Authority of Rotterdam. 

Intermodal Links is responsible for the intermodal route information (via short sea, inland shipping and rail) in Navigate. This makes Rotterdam the fifth seaport to use the services of Intermodal Links. Intermodal Links previously built multimodal platforms for Zeeland Seaports, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Zeebrugge and Wilhelmshafen/ Jadeweserport.

In addition to multimodal platforms for Ports, Intermodal Links also develops intermodal route planners for freight corridors and terminals. For example, an intermodal route planner was launched at the end of January this year for the European East-West Corridor (which connects two major European transport corridors, the North Sea - Baltic corridor and the North Sea - Mediterranean corridor), in April an intermodal route planner for the KTL Ludwigshafen inland terminal was developed. 

Intermodal Links

Ecorys ’Intermodal Links is the first independent, online search engine that makes it possible to find the best and fastest intermodal service provider for container and ferry / RoRo transport between more than 1000 terminals in 50 countries. 

The planner determines the most optimal route from around 16,000 direct terminal-terminal connections offered by 150 intermodal service providers (rail, inland shipping and short sea), including transport times and frequencies of the connections and the contact details of the intermodal transport operators and terminals.


Navigate provides a complete overview of the most efficient deep-sea, short-sea, rail and inland shipping routes via Rotterdam. You will not only see the best transport route, but also the transition time and the logistics service providers with whom you can collaborate. In addition, the empty depot planner shows where you can leave or collect empty containers. 

In short: Navigate is specifically intended for companies that want to plan their container transport smarter.

Key Experts

Jeroen Bozuwa Senior Consultant