Case Study

Fund management of the Strengthening Civil Society Programme

Client: Dutch Embassy | Sectors:

The Civil Society Fund (CSF) is a multi-donor fund designed to support South Sudanese civil society.

The fund was created in 2016 and was immediately operating under an extremely challenging environment for CSOs and the organisations that support them. The December 2013 conflict and the ensuing violence had disrupted the process of core state buidling and the delivery of development priorities - the conflict reducing the space for civil society and the level of citizen-state relations while increasing insecurity. As a peace agreement was signed in August 2015 and a new Transitional Government of Unity starting to function in June 2016, this provided glimmers of hope that citizen-state relationships can be mended and social trust can be restored. Against that background, the CSF aimed to strengthen the capacity of civil society to effectively take on these roles by addressing organisational and structural weaknesses. The CSF invested in strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs); to build relationships with their constituencies; to improve their management and cooperation; and to engage in constructive dialogue with the government over potential changes in policy, service or value. The CSF has an expected lifetime of twenty years, and the first phase was to last 5 years. The Ecorys consortium has been selected to establish the CSF and to provide fund management services during this first phase.

The fund seeks to develop the capacities and strengths of South Sudanese civil society to play a more independent role in humanitarian and development action and to support communities and groups to engage constructively with authorities/decision makers on their needs and priorities

Key Experts

Jan-Willem Knippels Director