Case Study

Editorial services to promote a European Pillar of Social Rights

Client: European Commission (DG EMPL) | Sectors: Social Policy

During 2017–2019, the European Commission appointed Ecorys to deliver a suite of editorial and creative products, as part of a campaign to promote a new European Pillar of Social Rights. 

This landmark policy initiative is now helping to uphold 20 essential rights and principles throughout participating EU Member States, including the right to fair wages and a minimum income, the right to healthcare and the right to gender and racial equality. 

The Ecorys editorial and creative services teams worked together to copywrite, edit, proofread, design and deliver a suite of web articles, awareness-raising publications, posters and slide decks. We also translated many products into all official EU languages. 

The assignment addressed a wide range of audiences, from vulnerable people to policymakers, so the Ecorys team developed a messaging strategy to ensure all editorial content was consistent, impactful and appropriate. 

All assets were developed in accordance with the European Union Interinstitutional Style Guide and the European Commission’s visual identity.  

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Key Experts

Robert Conaty Editorial Team Leader