Case Study

Communication Support in Montenegro

Client: EU Delegation to Montenegro | Sectors: Social Policy

Ecorys began managing the EU Info Centre in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica in January 2016. The main objective of our assistance was to bring to life the idea of EU accession and its impact for Montenegrin citizens. 

Our support included continuous media monitoring and reporting services, through which we updated the EU Delegation’s webpage with regular news items. We also organised a variety of events through the EU Info Centre (EUIC) in the country, supporting the events with social media and web coverage.

The Europe Day celebrations are a regular highlight of the project. In 2016, 12 activities were organised, achieving a total media outreach of over 215,000. In 2017, more than 15 activities were organised with 450 participants, 5,600 visitors and a media outreach of 215,000 people. In 2018, the Europe Day celebrations resulted in 13 activities, 7,000 visitors and a media outreach of more than 415,000 during the entire event. In 2016, the European Film Days Festival and the Green December festival were also organised. Since the beginning of the project, a new EUIC website was launched and a range of information material was produced, including brochures, leaflets, posters and videos.

In April 2017, we also began leading an environmental awareness-raising campaign in the country. In the framework of this campaign, we produced billboards featuring the men’s national basketball team and women’s national handball team, demonstrating the importance of throwing waste in the bin. We also produced a video and designed branded bags and banners to promote the campaign.

In 2016, 172 events were organised and the EUIC received 9,704 visitors, including those to the public space and those participating in the events. During the second year (2017), the EUIC received 16,853 visitors, including those to the public space and those participating in organised events. Compared to the number of visitors in 2016, this represents a significant increase of nearly 74%. During 2017, 267 events were organised or supported by the EUIC team, of which 74 had media presence and 27 were EUIC-driven events. The EUIC also organised a variety of events dedicated and related to EU topics and was able to meet all event-related requests that came from the DEU. During the contracted period, media monitoring and reporting services were continuously provided. The main media for news stories were the DEU and EUIC websites, which were updated with 155 news articles. The peak of media outreach was reached with 215,000 people during Europe Day, almost 127,000 on Facebook only (one fourth of Montenegro’s population). 

Key Experts

Giada Trucco Communication Consultant