Ecorys to conduct capitalization study in Mali for EU Delegation

| Transport and Infrastructure, Security and Justice

The European Union Delegation commissioned Ecorys (in partnership with Sogerom) to conduct a Capitalization study for the establishment of the baseline of the HIBISCUS (Harmonization and Innovations to the Benefit of Civil Society Initiatives of Social Utility) Program under the 11th EDF and Evaluation of the EU Roadmap 2018-2020 for support to civil society. The Capitalization study will be based upon PAOSCII, meaning “Support to Civil Society Organisation Programme”. The assignment will take place in the Bamako and in the regions of Mali.

To ensure its effectiveness, particularly in relation to the new themes (decentralization and gender) and the targeting of new actors, it was considered necessary that the logical framework is improved. This is done through a better definition of the basic reference systems in terms of target values and years of reference of key program indicators.
The overall objective of the mission is to contribute to better implementation of the Hibiscus program by taking into account good practices and lessons learned from PAOSCII, setting benchmarks for the HIBISCUS program and evaluating the implementation of the EU Roadmap (2018-2020) for supporting the civil society.
 The specific objective of this mission is to conduct a comprehensive study that includes:

  • The capitalization of PAOSCII activities, experiences and achievements through the collection of good practices and lessons learned identified by stakeholders such as FTP (Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland), the Government of Mali, CSOs of Mali and other stakeholders in the theme of support to civil society and;
  • The identification study of the indicator reference values of the "HIBISCUS" program;
  • The evaluation of the implementation of the EU Roadmap for supporting the civil society.