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Health, care, welfare & sports

Social Policy

Ecorys assists public and private decision makers in shaping health (care) systems and markets to country characteristics and public ambitions. Health is universally appreciated but care is often only locally understood. The diversity in national health care systems has evolved historically by answering to changing demands for health care reflecting growth in wealth and opportunities. Ecorys works in transition and developing country contexts as well as within the European Community including our home markets.

Health and care are closely related to well being, welfare and sports. Ecorys experts support clients across Europe with projects to do with these aspects of social policy. How do sports fit into social and economic policy? How can participation in sports be stimulated and how should programmes be financed? How can sports as a ‘function’ be optimally integrated into local and regional (location) development programmes? How do health, sports, social inclusion, wellbeing interact? Our experts work in these interrelated fields and can help you answer your policy questions.