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Research, innovation, entrepreneurship & SME

Economic Policy

Research and innovation are about transforming knowledge into new products, processes and services which, in turn, generate new economic benefits and increase competitiveness. Innovation is an important driver of sustainable economic growth and employment. Ecorys plays a substantial role in research, consultancy and implementation of innovation policies. Our strength is our ability to provide assistance in a fruitful integration of international (i.e. EU-wide) impulses into systemic national approaches during the elaboration and implementation of national innovation policies.

We see the 'knowledge economy' as "a society where knowledge is a central source of competitiveness, and where science, research, technology and innovation play key roles in knowledge creation. Modern ICT aids like computers and the internet are used to generate, share and apply knowledge." Ecorys has been active in the field of the knowledge society for years, providing research and consultancy services at European, national, regional and local levels.

Click here for more information on the book ‘Enhancing the Effectiveness of Innovation - New Roles for Key Players’, which analyses the effectiveness of innovation efforts, presenting challenges to the traditional approaches whilst developing more contemporary theories. The book (2009) was edited by Willem Molle and Julia Djarova.