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Why Ecorys?

  • Our experience from working for the European Commission on a number of policy related issues serves as a direct link between the EU context and the local needs.
  • Our active operation in seven EU Member States and the EU Enlargement region makes the palette of services we can offer to the ENPI countries richer.
    The latter is strengthened further with our in-house expertise in a number of fields with more than 500 permanent professional staff. We also have the additional support of Ecorys associate experts who have direct experience from the ENPI region and are available to our clients there.
  • In the ENPI region we can operate from different parts of Ecorys: from Ecorys Turkey for the region of Middle East, from Ecorys Spain for the region of southern Mediterranean, from Ecorys in Bulgaria, in Poland and in Moscow for the Eastern European and Southern Caucasus countries.
  • Our clients in the ENPI countries can rely on Ecorys’ due to our excellent reputation from sustainable project results and professional management of complex technical assistance projects.